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Development cooperation

Belgium strives for a peaceful and secure world where poverty is a thing of the past and where there are development opportunities for all. Our efforts therefore complement those of the international community to achieve sustainable development and a fair world. Read more about the Belgian Development Cooperation on

Cooperation programme

The Belgian development Cooperation has a close partnership with the Palestinian Authority since May 2000. The General Agreement was signed in Ramallah on 12 November 2001. The fourth Indicative Cooperation Programme (ICP) for Governmental aid was signed on the 23th of November 2011. The programme goes from 1/1/2012 till 31/12/2015. The total aid program amounts to 71,6 million EUR for the 4-year period, and includes delegated cooperation with the EU (Pegase), UNHABITAT (East Jerusalem), UNDP (environment strategies) and the World Bank (water and sanitation). The priority sectors are Education and Local Governance. Read more...


The Consulate General of Belgium in Jerusalem does not finance grants to study in Belgium. The Consulate General works closely with Palestinian universities and ministries and only supports local study grants. If you wish to receive a grant to study in Belgium, we advise you to directly contact the Belgian university of your choice and ask about the possibilities to apply for a grant.

Micro intervention programme (MIP)

The micro intervention programme (MIP) is a programme funded by the Belgian Development Cooperation. Its aim is to promote sustainable human, social, cultural and economic development through the strengthening of local communities and civil society. It specifically targets least-favoured and vulnerable groups in society. Read more...

Cooperation with local NGO’s