Consulate General in Jerusalem

All practical information on our Consulate General in Jerusalem.

Address and opening hours

Contact details, opening hours, closing days and access map of our Consulate General in Jerusalem.
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Contact details

Consulate General of Belgium in Jerusalem
5 Baibars Street

P.O. Box 19099 - 9119002 East Jerusalem
P.O. Box 1150 - 9101001 West Jerusalem

T: +972 2 582 82 63
F: +972 2 582 87 20
F: +972 2 581 40 63

Emergency number outside opening hours (NO QUESTIONS ABOUT VISA):
+972 53 429 86 03 (only for visa)

Access map

Opening hours for the public

Access for the public only with confirmed appointment received by email. For numerous consular services, the request will be proceeded only via email to, without presence at the consulate general. In case a visit is necessary, the visitor will receive an appointment by email during the hours mentioned here:

  • From Monday until Thursday: from 8:00 until 12:30 (latest access allowed until 12:30 and services delivered until 13:00).
  • On Friday: from 8:00 until 11:30 (latest access allowed until 11:30 and services delivered until 12:00).
  • By phone: from 8:00 until 12:00 : please note that no information will be deliverd by phone regarding personal files and/or procedures which are mentioned in the website. For general information concerning visas, passports, registrations, nationality, etc., please check the website. For more specific questions about individual files, please send an email to
  • Hours for online appointments for passeport and identity card applications: Tuesday from 10:00 until12:00 and sometimes Friday from 8:30 until 11:00.

The consulate general is available for helping Belgians in case of emergency (loss/theft of a travel document, death, accident, etc.). Please send then an email to or call the duty phone: +972 53 429 86 03.

Central point of contact for abuse in development cooperation

The central point of contact is a body responsible for facilitating the reporting of abuse within Belgian development cooperation. The Central point of contact is competent to treat reports of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment (SEAH) within Belgian development cooperation. It is not competent to treat reports of fraud or corruption.